July 16, 2012

How to Install Fonts in Microsoft Windows Vista

If you are looking to make your email, document, or printout appealing, funny or interesting, Microsoft Windows Vista has a vast, stylish collection of font styles both TrueType and OpenType. These styles work with several programs, printers, and computers to accommodate the different font-style needs of users. These font types often go missing or run into problems after Windows Vista installation (re-) or due to compatibility issues with a third-party program etc. Owing to this, you may want to install or reinstall fonts on your Vista PC. Glance through the instructions below to find out how to install fonts on Vista. You can also find here how to fix Windows Vista problems if you are running into any.

1. Click the Start button> Control Panel.

 2. In Control Panel, click Appearance and Personalization and then Fonts.

3. In the Fonts folder, you will see a list of the fonts listed on your PC. If you don't see the font type you want to install, minimize the Fonts window.
4. Right-click the Start button and select Explore. You will now be in the Windows Explorer window. Click the Tools tab> select Folder Options. If you do not see Folder Options, you may instead see Organize, click it and then select Folder and Search Options.                                                           

5. Click the View tab and then select the button beside Show all hidden files and folders. Click Apply and then OK. Close Windows Explorer.

6. Maximize the Fonts window now. You will now see all the font styles including hidden ones listed on the screen. To add a font, right-click the font file and select Open. This will open up the font type window. Click the Install button to start installing it.

7. When done, click OK or whatever prompt you see on the screen to save the changes and close the window.

8. To make sure that the font you installed is in use, open a Word document or create a new email in Outlook. Select your font type from the drop-down list of fonts and the font size. You will see it there. That's it.
9. You can also install new fonts for your Vista PC from the Microsoft website or a trusted one. You must extract the zip file first and then start installing the desired fonts.

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