October 24, 2011

How Can I Restrict Email from a Given Sender in Microsoft Outlook

How often it happens that we get irritated seeing weird, unwanted email messages in our inbox in Microsoft Outlook? More often than not, right? Internet world is certainly bigger than our imagination as there are so many users around the world that use internet for different purposes. Email is the most widely used communication medium among businesses, enterprises, individual users, and professionals etc. Evil minds use email as a medium to target innocent users through adult\explicit content, advertisements, useless content, viruses, and spyware among things. Let’s get started with the settings. The below mentioned guide will help you block an email sender on your own and without the help of Microsoft outlook support.


•    Open Outlook and wait until it is loaded fully, Click on the Home tab, click on Delete, and select Junk and then Junk E-mail Options from the dropdown options.

•    Click on the Blocked Senders menu and then click on Add under the Junk E-mail Options window.

•    Type the desired email address that needs to be blocked in the box and then hit the OK button.

•    Highlight the Options tab and place a checkmark in the box saying Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder. Save the changes by clicking on the options Apply or OK (whatever you see there) and exit all the windows. Close Outlook to let the changes take place.

•    Reopen Outlook. Click on the OK button next time you receive an email message from the restricted sender and it will directly be deposited in the Deleted Items folder instead of going to the Junk E-mail folder.

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