October 19, 2011

How to Use a USB Flash Drive in Windows 7 Backup Center

Those are just the ordinary another days when something extraordinary happens and makes you feel ‘why I did not do it before’. Yes, we are talking about creating backup of your important data stored in computer and saving it to an external USB flash drive or another media of your choice for disasters like these. Don’t worry as it can be done right now. The below mentioned guide will walk you through the procedure and have you backed up your data on your own. This will necessarily save you from contacting Microsoft technical support for help.


•    Grab your USB flash drive, remove its cover and then insert it into the intended port of your computer. If your computer is not turned on, then do so first and wait until it is fully loaded with all your icons showing up.

•    Click on the Start button to bring up the start menu. Type ‘backup’ (without quotes and as is) in the Start Search menu to bring up the Backup and Restore utility. Alternatively, you can navigate from Start button to Control Panel  System and Maintenance  and Backup and Restore to reach this option.

•    Click on the Backup and Restore link to open it. Click on the Set up backup link on the right hand side of the Back up or restore your files window. Under the Save backup on heading, choose the location for your backup to be saved. Click to select your USB flash drive icon from the list and hit the Next button.

•    In the next window under the heading that says What do you want to back up, click to select the Let me choose button and then hit Next. When prompted with the message What do you want to back up, make your selection by clicking on the desired data files or drives in computer that need to be backed up. You can also click to select the box below saying Include a system image of drives: and then press the Next button.

•    When prompted How often do you want to back up, you can decide day and time parameters for your backup. You must also check the box next to Run backup on a schedule (recommended) if it not checked automatically. Click on the OK button to exit the Setup backup window. Review the settings and then hit the Save Settings and run backup button to proceed with the backup. It will take some time, so be patient. When done, remove the backup media and keep it to dry, safe place where it remains safe from damages or unauthorized access.

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