October 10, 2011

How to Restore Windows XP Themes

A Windows XP theme consists of backgrounds, sounds, icons and other elements that help personalize your computer. If your Windows XP theme has disappeared because of an unexpected system error or an improper system shutdown, you can recover it. Restoring your Windows XP theme will restore your desktop background and give your computer the original default factory settings.

Steps to Restore Windows XP Themes

•    Right click a clear spot on your desktop.

•    Scroll down and click "Properties."

•    Select "Windows XP" in the theme window, then click the "Appearance" tab. Select "Windows XP Style" in the windows and buttons option.

•    Click "OK" to save your changes. Your computer system will be set back to the original Windows XP factory theme settings.

•    If you want to restore a previously used theme, right click a clear spot on your desktop. Scroll down the pop-up menu, then click "Properties."

•    Click the "Desktop" tab on the new window, then select your previous theme in the "Background Window." If it is not there, click "Browse," then locate it on your computer and click "Open" to load it to the Background Window.

•    Highlight your theme in the Background Window, then click "Apply" to restore the previous theme to your desktop. Click "OK" to finalize.

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