August 22, 2012

5 Steps to take if your Dell Speakers don’t Work

If your Dell speakers give you hard time when an audio is played, you must immediately look in to the problem before it graves. Here are 5 important steps that you can take to fix the speaker problems in your Dell laptop: You can also find here Dell PC support.
Step 1: Determine whether the Dell speakers were working previously or not. If they were, check that they are not on the mute mode. Yes, there are chances that you might have put speakers on mute by mistake. Check that the volume has not been pointed to the minimum level while playing around with other things on your laptop. Recheck the physical connection of the cable if it is a headset/headphone or are external speakers that are connected to your Dell computer.
Step 2: If everything looks fine, open Device Manager. Click the Start menu> Control Panel> System and Security. Expand Device Manager> Sound, video, and game controllers. Look for the sound card under there. It must be something similar to audio drivers or Realtek audio etc. If the sound card has a yellow exclamation mark beside it, right click on it> select Update driver. If you don’t see the Update driver option, choose Properties. When in the Properties window, highlight the Driver tab and update drivers of the sound card.
Step 3: You can either download the latest drivers directly from the Dell website or update them from an already existing driver file in your PC. If you are updating drivers from an existing file, it must have been downloaded in advanced to your PC. Often, driver files are zipped files, thus you may need to extract their contents before doing the update task. When drivers have been updated, close all the windows and reboot your Dell computer.
Step 4: Check if you can listen to the sound or not. If sound plays fine, it means speakers have started working. Besides, you must download and install Windows updates to make sure that sound card works properly next time and always in future. Windows updates and driver updates should be done regularly to make sure that the sound card and other speaker problems remain at bay and do not strike your laptop again.

 Step 5: If the above mentioned steps do not fix Dell speaker problems, open your web browser and visit the Microsoft website. Download Sound Troubleshooter, an automated tool, and install it on your PC. Make sure that you are logged in with admin rights to run this tool. When done installing the tool, open it and start the troubleshooting. The troubleshooter will diagnose and automatically fix the common Dell sound and speaker problems. If there is a hardware problem, it will not fix it. You will have to replace either the speakers or sound card whichever proves faulty.

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