August 21, 2012

How to Fix Microsoft/Windows Update Issues in Windows Vista

Microsoft/Windows updates are necessary to be downloaded and installed on your Windows Vista computer to help it function properly by fixing several issues related to security, device drivers, stability, compatibility, and printing, wireless connectivity among others. These updates at times can create issues, sometimes trivial or sometimes major.
You may encounter the below mentioned issues while downloading/installing Microsoft or Windows updates in Windows Vista:
1. Error message: configuring updates stage 3 of 3. 0% complete
2. Updates are ready to download but don’t download
3. Updates have downloaded but won’t install, error: Updates failed to install
4. Digital Signature Not Found
5. Error 0x8024402F, Error 0x80090305, or Error 0x80070008
6. Microsoft Word no longer functions properly after installing the latest update
7. USB device doesn’t work after installing updates
Check the below mentioned steps and fix Microsoft/Windows update issues in your Vista PC:
1. Always log on to your computer as an administrator or at least with equivalent admin rights to download and install Microsoft updates without any issues.
2. Download and run Microsoft’s Fix It 50202, the automated tool, to fix common issues with Microsoft updates. Follow the wizard’s instruction to install and run the file.
3. Temporarily disable your anti-virus program, any third-party firewall, software accelerator, and/or virus scanner program. However, don’t turn off the Windows firewall, leave it on. Once all the updates have been downloaded and installed fully, turn your security program back on.
4. Disable the Automatic Updates service from the Start button> All Programs> Windows Update> Change Settings. When done, locate the SoftwareDistribution folder and remove its contents. Click Start> Computer> C:\ drive> Windows. You will find SoftwareDistribution folder in the Windows folder. Double-click to open the folder and delete whatever you find in it.

5. When done, exit all the windows and re-enable the Automatic Updates service. This will fix the issue and let the updates download and install smoothly on your Windows Vista PC.

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