August 14, 2012

What are the Essentials before Windows 8 Upgrade

Now we all know about Microsoft Windows 8. What we know better that it’s the most stylish, Metro-Style operating system from Microsoft designed equally for PCs, laptops, tablets, Smartphones etc. Fair enough! It’s certainly going to change the way we use our computers for miscellaneous tasks. However, do we actually know about pre-requisites that should be taken into account before performing an upgrade to Windows 8? That’s my point and I am going to discuss it here. Check the below mentioned essentials that you must perform before Windows 8 upgrade:
1. Update your PC with the latest Windows updates, patches, virus definitions, drivers etc. Make sure that you also update drivers of your wireless router, printer, gaming console etc. In all, your Windows PC and the peripherals should be updated. Once all the attached wired/wireless devices are updated, disconnect them from your computer.
What are the Essentials before Windows 8 Upgrade
2. Uninstall your antivirus software, firewall or any security program installed on your PC. Also, uninstall any encryption software etc. If you have installed any DVD/CD burning or mounting software, uninstall it also. You can also find here Windows repair support.
3. Run a hard disk check to make sure that your hard disk drive is running problem-free. Open Command Prompt from Start> All Programs> Accessories>. Type ‘chkdsk /r /f’ and hit Enter on the keyboard. When prompted, restart your PC. Your PC will now be free of hard disk problems.
4. You should also run the System File Checker utility to check for and fix Windows installation errors. Open Command Prompt again and type ‘sfc /scannow’ and hit Enter. If prompted, restart your PC. This command will automatically detect and fix any Windows problems.
5. Disable Startup items also to make sure that Windows 8 upgrade goes smooth and successful. Click Start> type ‘msconfig’ in Start Search bar or Run and hit Enter. Make sure that you are logged in with admin privileges. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the System Configuration utility. Click the General tab> Selective Startup> uncheck the box beside Load Startup Items.
6. Click the Services tab> check the box beside Hide All Microsoft Services> click the Disable All button. Click OK to save changes and exit the window. Restart your PC. Also make sure that your existing computer meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 8 upgrade. That’s it and you can begin to upgrade to Windows 8.

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