August 23, 2012

What Do I Need before Installing Windows 7 on Mac?

You have a Mac and a Windows PC at home and office or vice-versa for work-life balance. However, you use your Mac the most for the professional and personal work purposes due to which you miss on the Windows world. Besides, you always desire to have best of both the worlds at the same time. Well, your desire can certainly come true. You can install Windows 7 on your Mac to enjoy best of both the products. Check the essentials given below for Windows 7 installation on Mac:
Things You Will Need:
1. An external hard drive or disk or online data backup solution to back up and restore your data after installing Windows 7 on Mac. Online data backup and restore is highly recommended because it saves you from the hassles of copying your data to and from the external hard drive and thus saves you all the time.
2. One blank DVD or CD whichever your Mac supports. This will be required to burn the ISO image of Windows 7 on to it. (Find here how to install Windows 7 on Mac)
3. A power adapter. Power or battery outage during the Windows 7 setup on Mac can lead to data loss and other problems.
4. A Windows PC connected to the Internet.
5. Original Mac OS X installation disk. If you don’t have the disk, arrange it from somewhere. Without the disk, the Windows 7 installation will not go through. Find here how to install Windows 7 on Mac.

Additional Things to be Kept in Mind:
1. Update your Mac OS X before performing the Windows 7 installation.
2. Back up your entire data to avoid losing anything.
3. If you are running a Mac OS from or later than 2009, you can install Windows 7 SP1 (or higher) in 64-bit version. If you are running a Mac OS from or older than 2007, Windows 7 SP1 32-bit version is for you.

4. For high-end applications, you can install additional RAM on your Mac.

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