August 08, 2012

How to Make All Wireless Devices Display in Windows 7

Sometimes, when you attempt to connect to a particular wireless device, you find that it’s not listed in all the Wi-Fi devices on a wireless network. You then have to search for the device all over the Windows and then connect to it. This consumes time and causes irritation. You can check the steps below and save yourselves from the irritation:
Click the Start button> Control Panel. Locate and double-click the Network and Internet link under Adjust your computer’s settings in the Control Panel window.
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Click the Network and Sharing Center link and then View network computers and devices. It will now start displaying icons of all the currently installed wireless devices. Exit all the windows including Control Panel.
Click he Network Manager icon (the wireless connection) in the system tray at the bottom extreme right hand corner of the Desktop screen. You will see the list of all the wireless devices.
Another method to locate the missing icons is here. Click the Start menu and then select Devices and Printers. Locate the desired wireless device, right-click it and then choose to make it appear on the Desktop or in the desired Network Manager.
If you are still unable to locate these devices in the Devices and Printers folder, then look into the Device Manager. Click the Start menu> Control Panel. Click to open the System and Security link. Locate Device Manager and open it.
Locate the desired devices and make their icons display on the Desktop. Thereafter, customize your desktop settings to arrange or display the icons as desired. Once the icons are displayed in the Network Manager, you can connect, share, manage, or track the devices instantly on your wireless network. 

You can even view all the information related to a wireless device in the Network Manager. Open Network Manager, right-click the intended device, and select Properties. When done viewing all the information, exit the Properties window.
***Windows 7 comes loaded with a set of features that let you personalize your desktop and other settings. You can even prioritize the display of icons as desired.

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