August 27, 2012

How to Snap Two Documents or Windows in Windows 7

If you daily work involves editing or reediting documents or multi-tasking in two different windows etc., you may need better control on them for comparison or further modification. Considering this, Windows 7 has the Snap feature that simplifies your work. It helps you snap two documents or windows side by side so that you can view them and edit one of them or the two simultaneously. Or else you can edit an image in one window and chat or tweet in another. Follow the givens steps and learn snapping windows or docs to improve your efficiency and speed in Windows 7: 
1. Make sure that the documents or windows, which you want to place side by side, are opened on the taskbar. Now drag the opened window’s tile (using the mouse) to either right or left until you see an outline of the expanded window. (See Also how to make Windows 7 faster)
2. You can now release the mouse, it will expand the window. Do the same with another window that want to place by the side of the previous window. That’s it and you will see the two windows placed by each other’s side. (See Also how to format a hard disk in Windows 7)

3. You can also use the keyboard shortcut to place two windows side by side. Press the Windows key, Right arrow key together or Windows key, Left arrow key together to perform the procedure. That’s it and you can see both the windows placed by each other. Start tweeting, emailing, backing up data, or configuring wireless settings. (Find here how to fix driver issues in Windows 7)

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