August 13, 2012

How to Safeguard your External Hard Drive

Your hard drive is your store to innumerable digital documents, programs, settings, favorites, games, emails, photos, and videos/audios etc. You can carry your store along while you are mobile or keep it at home or office for reuse. The question that arises now is how safe your digital world (data) is from catastrophic, digital or accidental disasters whether you are mobile or immobile? It's not even 0.001% safe from such disasters.Get here how to backup your entire digital data online.
How to Safeguard your External Hard Drive
All of your data can be lost in an eye’s blink when such disasters occur. Thefts, floods, electricity outages, hard drive failures, computer viruses and malware can destroy your digital life in seconds without giving you a chance to save your important documents or memories captured through camera, phone, browser etc. Thus it’s really important to safeguard your hard drive (whether external or internal) to keep your digital and personal life safe and secure. Check the instructions below and protect your data:
Cloud storage – This is the best way of backing up and restoring data of your external and internal hard drives, USB drives etc. Cloud storage or online data backup and storage is an easy and comfortable method to back up, restore, and sync all that you can on your PC or laptop, Smartphone, tablet etc.
It is the simplest backup and restore method that can be installed and used easily. You can back up and restore your data as many times as you want to. Moreover, whatever change you make to your data will be updated in real-time in your data on cloud storage.
Third-party software – Various third-party software are available online to let you encrypt your hard drive data using advanced engines and technologies. TrueCrypt is one of such software applications that allow you to set encryption for your entire hard drive or a part of it as desired. I will not recommend these tools as they can compromise your data and security.
Password protection – You can password protect your hard drive in some simple steps given here. Click the Start button> Computer (Win7). You will see your hard drive listed here (if it’s connected to your PC currently). Right-click the hard drive> select Properties. Click Security (the tab)> click Edit (the button). On the next screen, type the names of users whom you want to allow access to your hard drive. You can click the Add button to start adding the names.
The unspecified users won’t have access to your data. Only an administrator (which must be you if it’s your computer whether at home or office) can access your data if you deny access to all the computer users on your PC. Save the changes and exit all the windows.
***Never leave your hard drive plugged in (when it’s not in use) when you are online. You must also keep your hard drive safe, secured, and away from the reach of unauthorized users.

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